No Lady Gaga: Celebrities We Wish Had Sex Dolls Made Of Them

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He's no Johnny Depp
Yesterday on the Rocks Off blog we unveiled the Lady Gaga sex doll, Lady Gag Gag. Comments were mixed on the doll, ranging from utter confusion and strange attraction from both sexes. One commenter claimed that the model on the box was even more attractive than the real Gaga.

Obviously this got our smut-peddling wheels turning and we wondered aloud what other celebrities deserve their own sex doll. Do you realize we live in a time and age where you can buy a sex doll of the leader of the free world? Nothing is sacred anymore when you can go online and order a mock-up of President Barack Obama to have your way with. If you dig the jockish philandering types, you can also get jiggy with a Tiger Woods doll.

Lady Gaga joins other female celebrities like Paris Hilton (natch), Lindsay Lohan (sna...), and even Houston's own favorite daughter Beyonce Knowles in the prestigious sex-doll club. Sadly, there are no plans for a Susan Boyle or Clay Aiken doll that we could uncover, but that's nothing good old-fashioned American ingenuity can't fix.

Personally, who would we want to have a sex-doll made of? That's easy. We have to go with Sally Field from either her Flying Nun or Gidget days. Maybe even Sybil for when we are feeling especially randy. Screw you for judging us. She did and still has it going on.

We did a poll of our friends and Twitter folks to see who they would like to have immortalized in rubber and latex for their solo exploits. We got some interesting responses, mostly from women. One male friend said Sylvester Stallone from Rocky 4, another asked for a tandem Kid & Play set-up, an ex-girlfriend asked for entire Culkin clan, and one freakazoid begged for a Steve Buscemi. We run with a rough crowd at the halfway house.  

And remember ladies, Justin Beiber is only 16, and that shit is just messed up. You nasty.


John Mayer "Sexual Napalm"

Comes with a guitar, candles, and a pre-written apology from his publicist.


Ryan Gosling "Ryan Fondling"

Ladies, bring home your Noah Calhoun to dance with and stare languidly at.


Christina Hendricks "Moan Holloway"

Back off you bastards, this one is ours.

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