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​So reading around on the internets yesterday, I discovered that the Houston Astros do, indeed, have an organization philosophy when it comes to developing talent.

According to an article on one of the team's draft choices this year, Ed Wade said that "If anybody is wondering what the philosophy is of the organization, the word is getting out to the kids, because this is a chance to get in and prove what they're capable of doing and get to the big leagues as soon as possible." (h/t Astros County).

As I was reading that yesterday, I was watching the Astros get swept by the New York Yankees. The Astros getting swept by the Yankees wasn't that surprising. But Sunday's lineup included aging journeyman Kevin Cash at catcher, aging journeyman Brian Moehler on the mound, aging journeyman Geoff Blum starting at first, aging journeyman Pedro Feliz starting at third, aging journeyman Cory Sullivan starting in left field, and aging journeyman Jeff Keppinger at second base.

So if the organization philosophy is getting the kids up to the majors
so they can prove what they're capable of, then it looks like Ed Wade
needs to get a new dictionary because those words don't necessarily seem
to mean what he thinks they seem mean.

An organization in which the youngsters were getting the chance to prove
what they're capable of doing would have probably had tried phenom
Jason Castro starting at catcher. Wesley Wright was used as a
situational lefty out of the bullpen, which is pretty funny seeing as
how they keep talking about how they want him to be a starter.

So why
not start him in favor of Moehler and see what Wright can do?

Chris Johnson is once again tearing up Triple-A pitching, so why not see
what he can do at third base in Houston?

Sure, the Astros are paying a
lot of money to Feliz, but supposedly, the organizational philosophy is
to give the young kids a chance, and I can't help but think that Johnson
has earned a chance to prove what he can do.

How about Edwin Maysonet? He was more than adequate in the majors last
season, playing second and short. But I guess that doesn't matter the

Or how about finally giving outfielders Jason Bourgeois and
Brian Bogusevic their chances to prove what they're capable of?

really don't expect me to believe that Jason Michaels and Cory Sullivan
are superior to these guys, do you?

And I know the Astros are paying
Carlos Lee a lot of money, but he's really nothing more than a waste of a
roster spot.

Sure, maybe those guys just aren't able to make it on the major league

But the only way to find out is to actually give them a chance
on the major league roster.

Then again, I'm sure that is all, somehow, the fault of Roy Oswalt.

Oswalt, if you haven't heard, made it clear, once again this weekend
that he wants out of the dump known as the Houston Astros.

The Astros
however, seem to be doing anything they can to make this difficult with
their demand that any team wanting Oswalt pick up the entirety of his

Since the Astros generally don't trade players, they're probably not
aware of how it works, but generally, when a sucky team is trying to
offload a player with a big contract, they try to get as many contracts
as possible while agreeing to pay a large portion of the remaining

But the Astros, going against the Ed Wade philosophy about
youngsters, appear to be more concerned about the contract than they do
the prospects.

But this is all Oswalt's fault since he's being a diva. Apparently, he
should just shut up and continue to be stuck on the Astros because
asking to be dealt to a team that actually wants to win is evidence that
Oswalt has a bad attitude that is destroying the team and keeping it
from winning.

Personally, I put that blame on Drayton McLane, for destroying the farm
system for the better part of a decade while wasting tons of cash on the
likes of Carlos Lee.

Ed Wade can't escape blame for convincing
Drayton to sign the likes of Kazuo Matsui, Brandon Lyon -- really, is any
set-up guy worth what the Astros are paying? -- and Feliz.

And it would
be nice to see Wade actually follow through on something he says and
give some of the youngsters an actual chance to play baseball.

Personally, I just feel sorry for those youngsters signing contracts
with the Astros and expecting to get an actual chance to prove what they
can do.

As long as there are aging major leaguer rejects on the
market, the Astros are almost always going to give them a chance over
the kids fighting for a chance.

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