Soap In Fountains: A Sure Sign School's Out For Summer

soap fountain may 28.jpg
Photos by Paul Knight
People driving through the Museum District this morning probably noticed soap suds floating in the fountains at the Main/Montrose/Hermann Drive roundabout. Perhaps they gave a little chuckle and thought, "Classic."

But we saw something far more serious. This is real, tangible evidence of the fallout from an economic crisis.

Budget cuts forced the city's public libraries to reduce hours of operation last month. Now that kids can't spend their time reading books all day, what do you expect them to do? This is our grandchildren paying the price.

soap fountain 2 may 28.jpg

Actually, we don't know if kids are to blame, but maybe someone from Hotel ZaZa saw something, considering it helped beef up security in the area a couple years ago.

But the responsible party will go to jail, according to one of the workers that was cleaning the fountain this morning. We were glad someone was taking the incident as serious as we were.

"They put a lot of soap in here. A lot of soap," the man told Hair Balls.

The workers used chemicals and a fishing-net-type device to get the soap out of the fountain. It was back up and running a little after 9 o'clock.

soap fountain 3 may 28.jpg

soap fountain 4 may 28.jpg
soap fountain 5 may 28.jpg
soap fountain 6 may 28.jpg

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