Rick Perry Goes After All Those NASCAR Voters Who Are Torn Between Him And Bill White

Illustration courtesy Rick Perry campaign
Governor Rick Perry, in a bold about-face, has decided to no longer court the Tea Party, flag-wavin', non-Constitution-understandin' white-man hordes, and has instead to go after the NASCAR vote.

His campaign is sponsoring Bobby Labonte's car in this weekend's race at Texas Motor Speedway (the Perry campaign claims the Speedway "dds $300,000,000 to the region's economy every year," to which we cheerfully call bullshit).

Perry's choice of driver is shrewd. Here are the most recent headlines from Labonte's official webpage:

Bobby Labonte Fights for 29th Place Finish after Tough Day at Martinsville

Bobby Labonte Gains One Position in Points Standing after 21st Place Finish at Bristol

Bobby Labonte Gains One Position in Points Standing after 22nd Place Finish at Atlanta

Bobby Labonte Fights Broken Gear to Finish 38th in the Shelby American 400

Bobby Labonte Brings 27th Place Finish in the Auto Club 500

So, we guess, the guy is due.

The car above is black-and-white because it will be colored in as donations are made to the campaign. But the color it will turn out to be may be a surprise.

Labonte's car seems to be a solid, Republican red in most races. But a tweet from his Twitter page says "This for the Texas race!" and shows...


...a Democratic blue vehicle.

Deeply disturbing.

In other news, Perry opponent Bill White has announced he's sponsoring an electric smart car for the race, which is expected to attain speeds of 85 MPH on some stretches and last for as many as 10 laps at a time before recharging.

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