Piney Woods Penis Parade: Two Pervs In Court On Same Day For Public Masturbation

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Courtesy of Angelina County Jail
Clifton Earl Chessher
What in tarnation is going on up in the Piney Woods?

On the very same day this week, one fortysomething East Texas man was arrested after a woman said he masturbated at her car from the side of the highway, while not far from there, after a plea deal, a second fortysomething East Texas man was sentenced to 30 years for a case of child-directed public masturbation.

We'll begin with him - 43-year-old Brian Johnson of Pollok. Johnson's little hobby was jacking off in front of kids and videotaping it, with a sideline in filming "upskirts" of little girls. That all came to an end when a man caught Johnson red-handed, watching children from his car at a Lufkin city park last March.

Though Johnson got away from the scene, the witness -- Mike Lovelace -- later picked him out of a line-up. When the perv was arrested, police found a tape with footage of Johnson masturbating in front of children on five different occasions, all in the toy aisle at the Lufkin Wal-Mart. There was also "upskirt" footage of two little girls Johnson had filmed at a Dollar General Store and a pawn shop.

After all this evidence came to light, more of Johnson's tawdry exploits were exposed. All told, he accepted guilt in seven cases of indecency with a child and two counts of improper photography. At one of his court appearances, the grandmother of a little boy Johnson was accused of flashing in a Family Dollar store told him he "should die of shame," but instead he got 30 years, with the possibility of parole in less than half that time.

Meanwhile, the very same day, 45-year-old Clifton Earl Chessher of adjacent Tyler County was arrested for allegedly masturbating on the side of Highway 69. The Lufkin Daily News picks up the tale:

On Jan. 29, Chessher allegedly parked his truck on the side of U.S. 69 between Zavalla and Huntington and began masturbating to the sight of the woman and her two daughters, ages 8 and 10, passing him in their vehicle, according to an arrest report. The woman saw the man just minutes before when she stopped at a gas station in Zavalla. He left the gas station before she did, traveling north on U.S. 69 toward Huntington. As she passed him, he made eye contact with her and continued to masturbate, forcing her to swerve, as he was partially in the road, the report stated.

One wonders why she swerved....Anyway, a man matching his description was twice recently seen masturbating at passing school buses in the area. Chessher has admitted to being in the area with his dick out of his pants in all these cases but has told police that he was merely urinating each time. Got news for you buddy, if you shake it more than twice, you're playing with yourself...

Chessher was jailed in 1997 and served about 12 years of concurrent 20-year sentences for intoxication manslaughter and aggravated assault until his parole in June of last year. Now he is back in jail on $10,000 bond and waiting for technicians to fit him with an alcohol-monitoring SCRAM ankle bracelet. He faces three counts of third-degree felony indecency with a child.

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