Graffiti -- It Can Be Gorgeous In Houston

Photo by o texano
Side-by-side art by Weah and Ack!
As we noted recently, city councilmember Sue Lovell has announced a war on graffiti, something that hasn't been declared by a politician in ages, and by "ages" we mean just about everyday, in some city in the country.

Lovell says eradicating graffiti puts a financial strain on the city. She also urged residents to call 311 when they see graffiti, which would seem to add to the problem. But whatever.

Photo by o texano

She also made this bold call: "I am asking the graffiti taggers to stop and to join their fellow Houstonians in our efforts in cutting the budget shortfall."

Taggers -- if there's anyone out there more concerned about balanced budgets than them, we don't know who it is. Maybe Lovell meant to say "tea-baggers," because tea-baggers are constantly harping on the budget, or at least they did once a Democrat got in office.

Anyway, there's a lot of bad graffiti around Houston, but there's a lot of great art, too. Click here for a slideshow of some of the most gorgeous pieces of spray-paint expression around.

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