The Rocket Is Tweeting About His Erections, We're Pretty Sure

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There's an update in the enthralling love story of Roger Clemens and Mindy McCready!!

If you haven't been following events, McCready is apparently the subject of a sex tape during which she was interviewed and said The Rocket sometimes had trouble getting it up, and that her former boyfriend (actor Dean Cain) was better-endowed than Clemens.

Today, The Rocket fired back, via Twitter:

and BTW...I've taking great care of my body and to this date and time all the pipes on this body are still working great. Thx for asking..
(Not mentioned: The Dean Cain comparison. We may have to wait for further tweets.)

Of course, "all the pipes on this body" may not include the penis; Clemens could be making a cardiovascular assessment of himself.

But we're guessing The Rocket indeed was putting out the word -- possibly to any future crazed country singers -- that he's got no troubles pleasing the ladies.

Not heard from yet: His wife.

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