Getting Jerked Around by the Hi-Miler at the Rodeo Carnival

Categories: Rodeo

Photo by Jeff Balke
We didn't ride the Hi-Miler, instead leaving the roller coaster to 11-year-old Hair Balls correspondent Jade Matusow and our excellent photographer, Jeff Balke. As you'll see below, neither rated the ride with a very high barf or scream factor. But they still seemed harried afterward. Balke described the ride as "painful" and "more violent than the Texas Cyclone." (Ah, AstroWorld, you live on in our hearts and minds.) Matusow said she thought her leg might be bruised. Their 1-5 ratings:

  • Barf factor: 2 (Chili-dog safe.)

  • Scream factor: 3 (Middling.)

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