Flying High at the Rodeo Carnival: The Sky Flier

Categories: Rodeo
Photos by Jeff Balke

When we braved the Rodeo Carnival last year with Hair Balls correspondent Jade Matusow, we didn't get to try the Sky Flier. The day was too windy, and in the interest of not having people swing into each other, the ride was shut down. Not so last Saturday, a beautiful, sunny day that wasn't too windy.

skyflier (2).jpg
The Sky Flier is a pleasant, smooth ride. It doesn't jerk you around or turn you upside down; it just swings you lightly through the air. Our 11-year-old correspondent's 1-5 rating of the Sky Flier:

  • Barf factor: 2 (Feel free to pig out beforehand.)

  • Scream factor: 1 (On the Sky Flier, no one can hear you scream.)

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