If The Wife Is On To You, Of Course You're Going To Do Your Child-Porn Viewing In Your Classroom

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Wives. Amirite, fellas, or amirite?

You try to settle down with your child-porn collection at home, and all of a sudden the ol' ball-and-chain is on your case. Sure, she (somehow) doesn't call the cops or divorce your sick ass right there, but still, you know she's going to be watching like a hawk.

What to do? Luckily, you have a job that allows you access to a computer...because you teach high school.

So fire up the computer and start masturbating!! In your classroom, in a lab where kids see you, it doesn't matter -- not as long as wifey doesn't find out.

One potential problem, though: You may end up getting more than seven years without parole in a federal prison, and a lifetime of supervised release thereafter.

That's the hard lesson Fernando Gonzalez, 35, learned today when a federal judge slapped him with that sentence.

We told you earlier about the indictment of Gonzalez, who taught at North Shore High in the Galena Park school district. New details have emerged.

We'll let the U.S. Attorney's office describe:
On May 14, 2008, students at North Shore High School in Galena Park Independent School District walked by Gonzalez's classroom and saw him looking at images of child pornography on his school computer and fondling himself....

Gonzalez admitted to officers that the disks came from his collection and that he had more than 100 disks with pictures of naked little girls obtained via the Internet. Because his wife had caught him at home about two years earlier, Gonzalez had taken his collection on floppy disks to the school so his wife wouldn't find out. Gonzalez admitted that he has looked at child pornography in his classroom with students present and has masturbated in classroom while watching child pornography.
We're just shocked the guy teaches high school, and not elementary school.

More than 4,000 images were found on the floppy disks (none on the school computers), because, you know, there apparently was a whole lot of masturbating to do.

Gonzalez has been in federal custody since his arrest, and will remain there for quite some time.

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