President and Barbara Bush Catch Chorus Line at the Hobby

Theater-goers at the Hobby Center for last night's performance of A Chorus Line got an added bonus when right at 8 p.m. in walked President George Bush (the first) and his wife, Barbara, acoompanied by a small entourage.

Whispers swept through the crowd as audience members made sure of what they were seeing. Once group consensus was reached, three things happened almost simultaneously: nearly all the audience arose to give the Bushes a standing ovation (good sports, they turned around and waved), cell phones were whipped out, and the ushers began springing around the room telling people to turn them off (no photos allowed at the Hobby during performances).

The show began at 8:05, ran for the next two hours with no intermissions, and a good time was had by all.

(Editor's note: We all know how much the Bushes like A Chorus Line.)

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