News From The Job Market: It's So Bad, You'll (Allegedly) Put Up With A Boss Masturbating On You

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How many times does your boss have to masturbate on or around you before you quit your job?

(Before you answer, remember, these are troubled times. Employment rates are tumbling and it could take months, even years, to get another gig. Especially one with health benefits.)

For Shanna Vonfeldt, the answer to the question turned out to be more than five times, according to a lawsuit she recently filed against her former boss in Beaumont. Over a seven-month period, she claims in Jefferson County District Court, Kyle Knupple, owner of KUSA Aviation, masturbated on or around her nearly a half a dozen times before she finally put her foot down, telling Knupple that she was sick and tired of his inappropriate sexual behavior.

She says she needed the job as the company's office manager to support her and her two daughters and could not afford to quit. So she didn't, but was eventually fired for telling a co-worker about Knupple's alleged sexual behavior, the lawsuit states.

Knupple, seen above on his company's website hugging America's horniest leader, former President Bill Clinton, told Hair Balls that he has no comment on the matter.

If you like tales of masturbating at high altitudes and jerking off into a trash can, read on. Here are some of the details spelled out in the lawsuit. (It comes with a big green Mr. Yuk warning sticker):

It all allegedly started just after Hurricane Ike plowed into Texas in September 2008, after which all of Knupple's employees were living in the airplane hangar. One night, Vonfeldt claims, she woke up to the sight of Knupple near her bed, staring at her, masturbating. She claims she was too afraid to say anything about it.

"Alone and frightened," the lawsuit states, Vonfeldt "could not think of anything to do or any option other than to pretend to remain asleep until Knupple finished what he was doing and left the room."

Three weeks later, Vonfeldt claims, Knupple called her into his office, where he was allegedly watching pornography on his computer while rubbing his crotch. Knupple then supposedly told Vonfeldt that he was "horny," and then asked if she would watch him play with himself because it "turned him on." A client then entered the office, enabling Vonfeldt to leave.

But she did not get away. A few days later, she claims, Knupple again asked her to come into his office while he was watching porn and jerking off. Knuppple allegedly asked Vonfeldt to step closer toward him so he could smell her. Vonfeldt says she told Knupple she was very uncomfortable and asked how he could act like this with photos of his wife and daughters on his wall. She claims he responded, "It's not cheating if it's not sex."

Several months later, in February 2009, Vonfeldt claims she was required to go along with Knupple on a test flight. Once the two were high in the air, she says Knupple began fondling himself and asking her to show her breast. When she did not, he became "angrier and louder with each request," according to the lawsuit. "Fearful of losing her job and wanting to get back onto the ground, [Vonfeldt] showed one breast to Knupple, asked if he was satisfied, and asked him to please land the plane."

Knupple was apparently not quite satisfied.

"Knupple suddenly grabbed [Vonfeldt's] hand and pulled it against his penis as he ejaculated on it. Knupple then landed the plane and [Vonfeldt] immediately left work."

Another two months passed by, when lo and behold, Vonfeldt claims, Knupple again allegedly asked her to come into his office. You guessed it, she says he was watching porn and fiddling with himself.

According to the lawsuit, "As Knupple ejaculated into his trash can, [Vonfeldt] became extremely upset and sick to her stomach, asked, 'Are we done?' and left his office."

Days later, Vonfedlt claims she had finally had enough.

She says she told Knupple that she was tired of it all, to which Knupple said she could quit. But Vonfedlt says she needed the job and the benefits to support her kids and told him she would not quit. It all became moot two months later, however, when Knupple fired her for allegedly complaining about Knupple's sexual activities to a co-worker, according to the lawsuit.

She is suing Knupple and his company for intentional emotional distress and assault by offensive physical contact. Vonfeldt's attorney did not return several phone calls by Hair Balls.

Update: As noted in the comments, apparently there is a Kyle Knupple, a doctor in Galveston, who shares the name and birthplace of the aviation exec in this item. The Galveston Kyle Knupple is not the Kyle Knupple being sued.

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