Valley Of Viagra And Vengeance: Did Septuagenarian Sex For Pay At Edinburg Adult Day-Care Lead To Two Deaths?

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Note: Any resemblance to actual Pride and Joy nurses is coincidental. And highly unlikely.
Maybe there's a little too much Viagra coursing through the Rio Grande Valley these days. How else is there to explain this crime of passion at the Pride and Joy adult day care center last week in Edinburg?

A 76-year-old man who shot a romantic rival at an adult daycare center Thursday may have believed his victim was paying a health care provider for sex, police said.

A note found on gunman Jose Molina's body expressed outrage that the nurse -- in whom he shared a romantic interest -- had accepted $50 from Eugenio De Los Santos for sexual encounters, according to investigators.

Molina's rambling, two-page missive, addressed to the health care provider, goes on to say that he originally intended to kill her but decided to shoot De Los Santos instead, authorities said.

Minutes after gunning down 78-year-old De Los Santos, police arrived and confronted Molina, who refused to drop his weapon and went down in a hail of at least six shots. Rumor has it that he had once done time in Mexico for shooting a policeman.

The alleged two-timing nurse, whose name is being withheld, denied turning any tricks with either Molina or De Los Santos on her daily rounds, though she claimed that some of her co-workers did accept money for sex from their, um, clients. Now that's health care reform many men, even ardent Republicans, would get behind. So to speak...

Rumors that the Pride and Joy would be changing its name to the Happy Ending Adult Day Care Center proved unfounded.

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