Spirit of Season Moves East Texas Robber

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Ah Christmas, the time of year when even bank robbers find themselves in the spirit of giving...

According to the Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel, 21-year-old Bryon Jacovin Garrett strode into the Wal-Mart branch of the Commercial Bank of Texas on Tuesday morning and handed the teller a note demanding cash. The teller complied and handed Garrett an undetermined amount of cash, whereupon Garrett, who according to reports never brandished a weapon, fled.

The teller activated the alarm at 10:11 a.m., and police were en route within two minutes. Garrett was arrested at 10:19, only eight minutes after the alarm was activated, and yet he still had time to commit a random act of kindness.

As he attempted to make his ill-fated getaway, he stopped at the door to the Wal-Mart and dropped a dollar bill in a Salvation Army bell-ringer's bucket.

The Daily Sentinel described officials at the Salvation Army as "stunned but thankful."

"We're really happy to take any donation, and it will certainly go to a needy family if that's where it ends up," said Philip Burn, regional spokesman for the Salvation Army. "We'll do everything we can to help the police, but we'll certainly take donations -- from wherever they may come from."

The bank is also feeling the spirit. They are allowing the Salvation Army to keep the ill-gotten dollar.

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