All Of Sharpstown Mall's Problems To Be Solved With Name Change

Categories: Spaced City
You know what's been holding the Sharpstown Mall back? Its name.

Which actually is "Sharpstown Center," but no one we know calls it that. The almost-50-year-old mall has long hit hard times, with people convinced it's not safe, or has any shops worth visiting.

That will all change soon, when its owners finish re-branding it as PlazAmericas.

Now, PlazAmericas might seem an utterly silly name for a shopping mall, but you should have seen the alternatives:

  • Gulfton Galleria
  • SharpsTakeYourChances Mall
  • (Before they told their consultants to dial it back a bit on the strange capitalization shit) ShArpStoWmaLl
  • PlazCentralAmericas
  • Shitstown Mall (Alternative: Shitstown Center)

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