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Thanks to the magic of the Wayback Machine (a.k.a. the Internet Archive, but we like saying "Wayback Machine" instead because it sounds like we actually traveled through time to bring you these images), you can see what just about any website once looked like at just about any given point in time. Some websites, sadly, haven't changed at all since their inception, while others -- like ours -- have undergone dramatic changes over the years, mostly for the best.

Below are screenshots from the Houston Press website from 1999 to 2009. For larger sizes, simply click on the image. What a difference a decade makes.


We start out in 1999, when the website was extremely text heavy, with very few graphics to speak of. What few pictures there were haven't withstood the test of time or digital degradation, as you can see above. And just like many websites of its day, the designers didn't fully understand that they could use all of the screen space, not just place all of the content into one elongated column. Sadly, some platforms still adhere to this design ideology (we're looking at you, Blogger).

Except for a banner alteration, not much changed in the years after that...

The 2000 version of the website saw a new banner color and no detectable damage from the dreaded Y2K meme.

In 2001, we were promoting our Best of Houston ® issue and -- God only knows why -- the trifecta of crap playing at your local cinema. (Full disclosure: We had completely forgotten that either The Replacements or Coyote Ugly existed prior to pulling up this screenshot.)

2002 saw the website undergo a dramatic transformation from vertical and text-heavy to horizontal and balanced. Call us old-fashioned, but we prefer this clean look the most of all our past incarnations. Plus, there's that creepy hand doctor story we love so much...

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