The Top 6 Costumes at the Montrose Crawl

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The third annual Montrose Crawl took over Westheimer on Saturday night as crowds of Halloween revelers lurched from bar to restaurant to bar. With the attendees encouraged to come in costume, it was as if Arne's and Party City had simultaneously exploded onto the streets of Montrose. Needless to say, it was difficult to pick our favorite costumes of the night, but here are our top six.

Photos by Trish Badger
Number Six goes to this lovely lady, er...handsome man, er...extraordinary person who dressed as our favorite SNL character from the 90s: It's Pat!

Number Five is another exquisite bit of 90s nostalgia (the 90s truly are back, kids -- I know, we can't believe it either): Forrest Gump.

Number Four is high on our list both for accuracy and for having the balls to wear a costume that almost ensures you won't get laid later on in the night: Oompah Loompah.

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