West Galveston Tells Cops: You'll Pry Our Golf Carts From Our Cold, Dead, Lazy Hands

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Things have been rough on the West End of Galveston, what with the destruction by Hurricane Ike and all that comes from building McMansions one inch about sea level.

But now the gods have gone too far. Now they want to take away residents' golf carts.

The Galveston city council meets today to discuss the momentous issue. Residents initially believed a vote to ban the vehicles was on the agenda, but now it looks like the council will just take the easy way out of appointing a committee to study the issue and make recommendations.

The Galveston police chief started the brouhaha when he complained about flimsy carts on the major roads of the West End. As the Galveston County Daily News reports, residents didn't like that: "West End residents said golf carts are part of their way of life. They use them to get to nearby stores, the Galveston Island Country Club and neighbors' houses."

"Neighbors' houses"? Do they also use them "to pick up the paper in the front yard each morning"?

Anyway, driving drunk in golf carts has become epidemic across the country, which we're sure is not as funny as it sounds.

But if Galveston bans these things, what's next? Those scooters your see advertised on TV?

You know how dangerous it can be to tangle with those people.

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