Adieu To (Part Of) The Savoy

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Hearts started racing with the announcement that downtown's vacant Savoy Hotel had to be demolished immediately because it was a danger. Hearts especially raced across the street at the Houston House apartments, where residents pondered being a neighbor to the implosion of an asbestos-filled building.

Things weren't quite as apocalyptic as initially envisioned. First, it wasn't the recognizable Savoy Hotel itself meeting its maker, it was the non-descript six-story apartment building attached to it. And rather than going out with a big boom, it went out with the proverbial whimper.

Yesterday the end came for the hulk, as these photos show.

Photos by Rich Connelly




Well, okay -- maybe they don't show all that much. But that little stick-thing on the end of the crane, or whatever that is (Construction/destruction: not my specialty) continued to poke away at the stalagmite remains of the building. It's all gone now.

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