Win A Drag Me To Hell DVD By Telling Me Why The Hell I Should Watch It

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Drag Me To Hell got some of the most stunning reviews of the year. Check out Metacritic's page: The Los Angeles Times said the movie "does everything we want a horror film to do: It is fearsomely scary, wickedly funny and diabolically gross." Entertainment Weekly said director Sam Raimi "has made the most crazy, fun, and terrifying horror movie in years."

So why haven't I heard of it?

Probably because I'm not a big horror fan. Or, as it turns out, a big Sam Raimi fan. I just checked his IMDB page and learned that I have seen exactly one of his movies -- the first Spider-Man. (I might have taken my kid to see the second one, but if I did it's been erased from memory.)

I know this is my fault, not Raimi's. So, since we have three DVDs of Drag Me To Hell to give away, tell me why I should watch it or any Sam Raimi movie. Best responses -- in the comments or to -- get the prize.

Points for creativity, passion, logic, etc. Judging will be supremely subjective and not open to appeal.

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