Important News For Those Wanting To Enjoy Dead Rock Stars (The Arty Exhibit, Not Some Creepy Graveside Tour)

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14 Never Die; Day of the Dead El-Freddy-Fender by Carlos Hernandez at Cactus Music The Record Ranch WEB.jpg
Oops! Night + Day mistakenly listed "Never Die" Day of the Dead Rock Stars art exhibit by Carlos Hernandez as opening at Cactus Music/The Record Ranch on Sunday, November 1. The show actually opens on October 30, with a reception with the artist.

So if you were going by the information in the print edition, you sorta woulda missed the thing. Or at least you would have been standing around on Sunday wondering what the big deal was.

But witness the power of the Internet!! See us be allowed to correct information, hopefully in time for everyone who wants to go!!!

(Luddites who depend only on dead trees will be disappointed, we sorrowfully acknowledge.)

The Houston Press regrets the error.

Click here for more information about the show.

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