Tortured Dogs Speak Out: "Please Stop Dressing Us Up"

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Halloween used to be a holiday for innocent kids to dress up in truly cute costumes. Then it became a holiday for women to dress up in sexy costumes, and men to dress up in whatever costumes would most likely result in them hooking up with a tipsy Sexy Nurse.

And now, of course, it is also a holiday where people feel the need to dress up defenseless dogs.

They did it last night at the Hotel Derek, in an event called Howl-a-ween, to benefit Citizens for Animal Protection. Yet these citizens, supposedly concerned with protecting animals, subjected their pets to the following outrages.

What did the dogs have to say about it? We gathered some quotes.

Photos by Liana Lopez

"Shoot me now. Right between the eyes. NOW, you bastard, before any of my kids sees me."
"I'm a BANANA?!?! A fucking banana?! Jesus Christ, lady, just wait until I get my teeth on those friggin' shoes you got in your closet. We'll see how cute you think I am after I make them Jimmy Chews, you heartless trollop."


"Oh, go ahead -- laugh. We'll see how funny you think it is while you're picking your teeth up off the floor, wiseguy. And when I'm done with you, Little Miss Owner's gonna get a piece of me, too."


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