Could This Be UH? Long Student Lines For Football Tickets?

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Photos by Liana Lopez
Cougar fever is alive and well on the UH campus -- the line this morning for students to buy extra tickets to this week's Texas Tech game was long, and started getting organized early. There's another 200 or so people inside the building above.

Students were allowed to purchase up to four additional seats at $20 apiece for the nationally televised game.
UH is encouraging all the students to wear red Saturday night. The school, using average student-attendance figures for the last couple of years, is holding 5,500 seats for students who show up with IDs on Saturday.

According to one person who was on the line this morning, a lot of the people were going to be out of luck -- officials came out and informed those way, way in the back that their chances of getting tickets were not good.


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