The Rockets Go Communist In Their Search For Ticket Sales

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You've lost your best player to injury, you've lost the guy who thinks he's the best player to Advanced Wussiness Syndrome, you haven't got a decent big name to take the court for you next year: What are you gonna do if you're the Rockets?

Pitch yourselves as "Red Nation," apparently.

That's the new advertising slogan, officially to be rolled out by the team next week. (Rejected slogans: "Yee-Haw, We're Yao-less!!!" and "The Rockets -- We're Scola-riffic!!!"

The whole "Nation" thing is kind of played out, we thought -- there's Red Sox Nation, ND Nation, Steelers Nation, essentially any team out there, someone's throwing a "nation" after it. (Except maybe the Washington Nationals.)

But "Red Nation"? Didn't we kick their ass in the Cold War?

We guess, though, if your best player is a card-carrying communist you have no choice. And what better way to appeal to the Glenn Beck-loving Teabagger population of Houston than by comparing them to the USSR or Red China?

At least they'll have a nifty poster. (Check it out after the jump.)


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