The End Finally Comes For Wilshire Village

Categories: Spaced City
Old Masonry.jpg
Photos by John Seaborn Gray
The view from Dunlavy
We've been following the slow end of the Wilshire Village apartment complex on Alabama, a once-charming relic that should never have seen the wrecking ball.

But the wrecking ball has come, as these photos show.

Once the process of demolition began, things moved swiftly, especially compared to the drawn-out battle over whether tenants would be kicked out.

There's little left now but rubble.

Construction 002.jpg
It's good to know, however, that the filing system has been saved for future generations:

File Cabinets 01.jpg

And at least some trees have been saved:

Construction 001.jpg

The place does live on, at least, in Google Earth:


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