Keep Your Fingers Crossed -- Now We're Down To Only Four Predicted Hurricanes

Categories: Hurricane Ike
The pattern seems to be holding up -- in the year after getting hit by a major storm, when you're all tense and on edge for hurricane season -- you get a break.

The Colorado State University storm forecasters (Motto: Why Do We Care About Hurricanes In Colorado?) have once again cut the number of predicted hurricanes in 2009.

Ten tropical storms will form over the remainder of the season, and only four will turn into hurricanes, they say. (They said in June there'd be five.) Two will be major hurricanes.

El Nino and other highly technical stuff has kept any named storm from forming this year. Usually, according to the feds, there are 11 named storms and six hurricanes.

Of course, it only takes one, as they say. But it's always nicer to have the estimates go down rather than up.

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