It's Not Hillcroft, It's Mahatma Gandhi Avenue, Dammit

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When you think of Hillcroft between 59 and Westpark, you probably think of badly timed traffic lights, strip malls filled with small stores, and.....Mahatma Gandhi?

Apparently yes, to the last part, if you're one of the group of people KTRK says is trying to get the city to rename that stretch of Hillcroft into Mahatma Gandhi Street (or Avenue or Boulevard).

Houston city council member MJ Khan said, "I think everybody should be part of being Mahatma Gandhi's legacy."

Khan says he will support changing Hillcroft's name to Mahatma Gandhi Avenue, if that's what the community wants.

"Our city is a very international city so I think it will help if we start branding that area," Khan explained.
Gandhi himself said "I think it would be a good idea," but then again he had just been asked what he thought about Western civilization.

Some of the business owners in the area note that stretch of Hillcroft is actually culturally diverse, not just Indian.

The project to rename the street is just beginning and would have to go through various city agencies and boards, but the backers hope to have it done by World Non-Violence Day in October.

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MJ Khan is a pakistani. Pakistanis are corrupt and have no place in government. It's asking for trouble. Most muslims want nothing to do with them and don't consider them muslims.

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