BARC Puppy Literally Washed Down The Drain

A stray puppy at BARC was placed in the wrong cage and washed down the drain last Thursday night, Health and Human Services Spokeswoman Kathy Barton confirmed today.

She would not give the name or position of the person who placed the puppy in the cage, but said the person has been suspended for a week without pay. The incident also prompted the transfer of 68 puppies from BARC to the Houston Humane Society the following day, to allow for reconfiguration of adequate cages for nursing and non-nursing puppies, Barton said.

When asked if the so-called "incident command team" had been aware of caging concerns for puppies, Barton said yes, but that Thursday's incident "expedited it a lot."

A kennel attendant had noticed the improper placing of a mother dog and her three puppies, but by the time the problem was identified, one of the puppies was missing, Barton said. Staff worked hard but were unable to retrieve the puppy.

Hair Balls isn't exactly sure why it took the idiotic death of a puppy to make the cages puppy-safe. It sort of begs the question, "What in God's name has the Incident Command Team been doing for the last ten months, or however long it is they've been commanding incidents?"
But now that the city is planning on throwing $208,000 at the problem, via "change agent" Gerry Fusco, we can only hope that no more puppies have to be sucked down a drain anytime soon.

Maybe he can figure out a way that a city animal shelter doesn't have to, um, depend on another shelter to get its act together. Or maybe the city should just give $208,000 to the Houston Humane Society. But a more realistic option might be to just flush $208,000 down the drain, right after that poor goddamn puppy.

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    BARC stole a puppy from my friend's yard--a fenced-in yard with no trespassing signs posted in three different places.  The property called BARC numerous times once a note was left on the door, "Puppy running at large at this address."  My friend's gate was closed, there were three "no trespassing " signs posted at three different places of the gate and yet BARC trespassed and stole her puppy.  Then they left a note, but did not return any of my friend's calls and when she tried to retrieve the puppy that BARC openly admitted to stealing from her, the BARC Manager wanted to charge her $500.00.

      Now, call me crazy, but if BARC admitted to her that yes they were trespassing and yes they did steal her dog, shouldn't they pay her $500.00?

      Because no one returned her phone messages or the dog to her, my friend went to BARC's location to retrieve her dog.  Once the dog was handed to her, she thanked the BARC Employee, waived good-bye to the Security Guard and exited the building.  Sounds like a normal course of action to me.  Well, little did my friend know that after she left the BARC premise, they called the police on her and charged her with stealing.  WHAT!?

      How could she be stealing when BARC stole the puppy off her property and admitted that they did trespass and did steal the puppy?????

     My friend endured physical and emotional stress worrying about the puppy and felt a sense of relief when she retrieved the puppy from BARC.  Next thing you know, The Houston Police accompanied BARC to her address to "legally steal" the puppy.  What a nightmare!

     Disappointed, yet willingly, my friend relinquished the puppy to them.  She was outraged and upset, yet decided that it she should adhere to what the Police Officer was saying.  Then, The BARC Supervisor said that she could identify the pup on Sunday--the next day and pay some fines to get it back.  It did not make sense, but she complied.  When my friend went to identify the puppy and pay the ridiculous fines that were bestowed upon her by BARC, she imagined everything was settled.  SURPRISE!  The BARC SUPERVISOR told her that they had sold her puppy to a new customer?  and that if she wanted her puppy back that she would have to pay BARC $500+ dollars.  

    Why would my friend have to pay for her puppy that was stolen off her property in the first place?  It sounds like the City of Houston will do anything no matter how immoral to get money from innocent citizens like her.

    She agreed to pay the $500.00 only because she really lovers her puppy and believed that everything between her and BARC was copacetic.  Then, two days later a Police Officer from Major Offenders Division of The Houston Police Department showed up at her door to speak to her. BARC had filed a police report on my friend accusing her of THEFT so that they would not have to return her puppy even though she agreed to pay the $500.00 dollars!

     My friend was cooperative and answered all of the Senior Police Officer's questions and next thing you know, my friend was ambushed with a "hidden warrant" for her arrest.  This story sounds too absurd to be true, but I assure you, it is.





              BARC stole a puppy from a property owners fenced-in yard!  When the property owner went to retrieve her stolen puppy, the BARC Manager said that he sold the puppy to someone else and wanted to charge this puppy's owner $500.00 to get her dog back.  Depsite the puppy's owner leaving numerous messages with people and voicemails at BARC to have them bring the puppy back to her, no one returned any of her messages.  The Houston Police went as far as to have a "hidden warrant" placed on the victim to protect BARC from having to return the puppy that they admitted to stealing from her property from returning the puppy to its rightful owner.  BE VERY CAREFUL about adopting puppies from BARC because I suspect that the cutest ones are stolen form innocent people like her, and that puppies as young as three months will be wrongfully neutered and re-sold to a different owner .  TOO BAD my friend has had to endure such stress over her adorable puppy.  She cannot do much since the Houston Police are just as dishonest as BARC.

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