Sean Connery (No, Not That One) Indicted For Child Porn

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The US Attorney's office has had a busy morning announcing indictments of people for having child porn on their computers.

These guys are twisted, obviously; one can only hope they limited their odd fetish to looking at things on the computer and not anything further.

Among the indicted today is one Sean Connery Showers, a Houston resident formerly of New Orleans.

Who the hell names their kid Sean Connery? And this Showers guy is only 23 years old, so the decision to name him that came during the star's Highlander and Name of the Rose fallow period.
The real Sean Connery, of course, has been accuse by an ex-spouse of being a wife-beater; as far as we know the famous name has not been involved in child porn. Until now.

"Porn. Child porn." Kind of rolls off the tongue.

Sean Connery Showers, according to the feds, "was allegedly in possession of
more than 100 videos of various lengths depicting child pornography, including videos of children from toddlers to teens engaged in various sexually explicit acts. Sixteen of the videos were each more than 25 minutes long and the total collection ran for hours."

So yeah, he's a real sicko. And the kids involved in those productions need all the prayers, good thoughts, karma, whatever anyone can drum up.

Connery must be so proud.

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