GQ One Of The First Out Of The Blocks On the 40th-Anniversary-Of-The-Moon Thing

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In case you don't realize it, you soon will -- next month brings the 40th anniversary of man landing on the moon.

If you were older than eight years old in 1969, you no doubt remember where you were the moment One Small Step happened (Me: In a rental house down the shore in New Jersey, more interested in going to sleep than in following my Dad's orders to stay awake to see history.)

Expect lots and lots of media coverage of this. Much of it will be fascinating -- the moon trip was indeed mind-boggling, depending on winging it to a large degree, not to mention technology that today would be laughably backward.

One of the first out of the block is GQ magazine, which today offers a lengthy look at NASA then and now.
(Be prepared to click: GQ breaks it up into 21 different pages in an effort to rack up clicking stats.)

It's well worth a read (FUR, we learn, is the acronym for Female Urine Receptacle), but we're hoping better stuff comes along in the next four weeks.

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