Sarah Palin Takes On The Crackhos of Houston

Photo by sskennel
You better darn-tootin' not hijack an official Web site from Sarah Palin's State of Alaska. Houston DJ and nightlife ne'er-do-well Shoe Latif recently found that out the hard way when she got a cease-and-desist letter from the flinty-eyed legal eagles in Palin's Attorney General's office. And no, Palin didn't enclose a picture of herself winkin' either. This is the Internet we're talking about here, people. Serious business.

On the plus side, Latif can now say she has a letter with official "Sarah Palin, Governor" letterhead that contains the following opening sentence: "It has come to our attention that the website has hijacked a State of Alaska webpage."

First time "crackho" and "Alaska" have been used together? Probably not. But it's still nice to have it on letterhead.

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