Houston's Favorite Playboy Model And WWE Diva Heads To Jungle, Says She Can Kick Stephen Baldwin's Ass

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Photo by Craig Hlavaty
Things seem to be going well for Torrie Wilson. After a ten-year stint as a pro wrestling diva, the former Miss Galaxy and Playboy cover girl has settled down in Houston and opened her own Melrose-themed clothing store. But a week from today she'll be abandoned in a Costa Rican jungle.
This can only mean that a new reality TV series is upon us. It's an American spin-off of the UK's I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, which mates Survivor with Fear Factor by sticking fringe celebrities in remote locations and making them do gross and funny stuff.
Torrie will compete against people like Sanjay and Stephen Baldwin (Blago was part of the original cast, but a federal judge mercifully nixed the idea). She met with Hair Balls this afternoon to discuss her quest to become Queen of the Jungle--her only possible reward, since she's playing for charity.
Hair Balls: Have you ever been in a jungle?
Torrie Wilson: I mean I've been to lots of tropical locations, but I've never actually walked through the jungle.
HB: So how does this work?
TW: They're taking ten of us and dumping us into the rain forest. We get a small portion of rice and beans to eat every day, and we do different trials, kind of like Survivor, to win extra food or extra luxuries or items that we might need.
I don't know how often the trials are going to be, but the show is actually airing four days a week and parts of every show are going to be live. So like if I have to eat bugs or whatever, that's probably going to be live.
HB: Sounds gross.
TW: I wouldn't choose to eat bugs. Let's put it that way.

HB: But people can choose to make you eat bugs, right?
TW: It's the audience that votes for you to do all the different challenges.
HB: Janice Dickinson (a former model who will also be a contestant) was on the British show and set the record for most trials, because viewers wanted her to do all the gross stuff.
TW: Really?

HB: Are you worried about putting your fate in the hands of a largely male reality TV audience?
TW: I definitely think I'm going to be doing some gross stuff, but hopefully people will see that I'm nice and not vote for me to do that [too often].
HB: Have family or friends tried to talk you out of this?
TW: A couple of my family members think I'm a little crazy for doing this, because they think I'm really prissy. But I guess we'll see. I don't think I'm a priss by any means. But...anyone gets spoiled just living under a roof and having running water and everything.
HB: The show's tag line is "Ten pampered celebrities dumped into the jungle to see if they survive." Are you pampered?
TW: I don't think I'm a pampered celebrity, no. But the fact that they do, and they're going to put me in the jungle with some people that probably really are pampered celebrities, is great.
HB: In one of the promotional interviews, you seemed to suggest that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (from The Hills) might be in trouble.
TW: You know, just from all appearances ... They grew up in multi-million dollar families in California, and you don't expect them to be able to last very long. But I really think they could surprise us all.
HB: What about Sanjay?
TW: He seems so nice. He's like, really chill and earthy.
HB: Does he have the survival instincts to last in the jungle?
TW: I don't know if I'd pick him to be my one partner in crime.
HB: Are you planning to go WWE and start a feud or two?
TW: I'm going to try to stay under the radar and get along with everybody. But I did make it clear during the press conference that if Janice was bugging me, I would definitely not be afraid to spear her.
HB: Will you have any allies?
TW: I love John Salley. He is one of the coolest, nicest guys I've ever met. I'm so thanking God that he's going to be there -- and actually, believe it or not, Stephen Baldwin as well. I've known him for a little while, and we have a lot of mutual friends. So I kind of feel like those two might have my back.
HB: Stephen Baldwin seems a little crazy.
TW: He is a little crazy, but we get along.
HB: Could you take him if you needed to?
TW: Definitely.
HB: What might happen to you on the show?
TW: They haven't really told us. Actually the day before yesterday I thought I should go on YouTube and see what they did on the UK version. It was, like, really bad....They did eat bugs. There was a weird trial where this guy had to crawl up this ladder that went up like 140 feet into the air, and he had to walk out on these tiny little poles and grab a flag. And there was another one where this guy, I just saw him lying in a box and there was like bugs crawling all over him and stuff.
HB: Do you have a thing against bugs?
TW: Not really. I mean I don't have a phobia. Eating bugs might be another story. I did just read in a book that termites actually have more protein than beef. So I'm going to try to remember that if I have to eat a termite.
HB: Can you bring anything?
TW: You're allowed to bring two bikinis and one luxury item. But the list of things that the luxury item cannot be is so long ...
HB: What did you decide?

TW: The three items that I [considered], which sound ridiculous, were a Bible, because I haven't read it entirely, and I thought it would be great to kill the time. And then I thought a machete. But they won't let us bring reading material or anything sharp. So I might go back to my No. 1, which is concealer, because I'm going to be on TV.
HB: How are you actually getting into the jungle?
TW: I have no idea.
HB: You don't know anything?
TW: No. I've never been on reality TV. But from what I understand, a lot of reality shows aren't really reality. And this one ... I mean, we're not going to the hotel down the street. I was told that the people setting up all the challenges have been there for like a month. And we're not even allowed to take that mic off. We only can take it off to sleep.
HB: So at least people won't hear you snore.
TW: Yeah. But, like, peeing, you know?

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