For Memorial Day, Part 1: Hot Chicks In Swimsuits With Food

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We know the poolside cookout is a permanent fixture of the Memorial Day weekend, so to celebrate, here are some attractive ladies in swim gear eating, playing with, preparing, or otherwise enjoying food. We hope it enhances your holiday.

Michelle and Her Popsicle
In this clip from Showtime's Californication, Michelle Lombardo rocks a rainbow bikini while going to town on a popsicle in front of a deadpan David Duchovny and a flabbergasted Brian Posehn. No context needed.

Breakfast In Bed... In a Bikini
A comely young woman gives instructions on how to make breakfast in bed. Entertaining, and informative.

DJ Goodwill - I Scream
In this music video, two teams which consist of gorgeous girls in swimsuits (plus a pair of hipsters in aviators, a sumo wrestler, and a midget) get into an all-out slo-mo ice cream war that looks like good, sticky fun.

The Evolutionary Control Committee - Lunch
If you're familiar at all with the ECC, you won't be surprised to learn that this is probably the weirdest video you'll see all week. We have to say, though, it makes us wish that more bizarre performance art incorporated girls in swimsuits.

Bikini Games
We're not entirely sure what's going on in this video, but judging from the subtitles, it appears these lovely Asian ladies are playing some sort of turn-based game designed so that both parties lose by a fair amount, taking turns smacking each other with pies. Actually... now that we think about it, we're pretty sure this is some kind of fetish video. It is the internet, after all. No nudity, but you still probably don't want to get caught watching this at work, like we did.

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