Three Hurricanes, Three Fraud Schemes

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Wherever there's a hurricane, ma, I'll be there...Wherever a FEMA official's handing out a form to fill, I'll be the person scamming them...Wherever -- Well, we don't think the Tom Joad speech at the end of The Grapes of Wrath goes exactly like that, but it would if Phyllis Ann Taylor was saying it.

Taylor, 28, was sentenced today to 33 months in prison for running FEMA scams during Katrina, Rita and Ike. (Hey, once you've established a specialty, stick with it.)

The US Attorney's office here says the the 33 months "is equal to the longest sentence imposed in the Southern District of Texas for FEMA fraud relating to Hurricane Katrina and is one of the lengthiest sentences imposed nationwide."

What's worse, US District Judge David Hittner told Taylor at her sentencing that she "lacked sensitivity and empathy." Ouch!!

Taylor basically filed a ton of FEMA claims using variations on her name, bogus addresses and other fun stuff. She's ordered to reimburse the feds almost $59,000, but we doubt they're holding their breath on it.

We can only imagine her sitting in a federal prison as a hurricane hits somewhere, thinking of what might have been.

Wherever there's a fake PO Box, Ma..........

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