The Chronicle Continues Its Descent Into Porn Hell

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You know, we really, really want to keep ignoring the incredibly silly "MILF" sex column the Houston Chronicle puts out on its oh-so-hip 29-95 website, but it just keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

Here's the state of American journalism, 2009: the daily newspaper in a major city thinks the way to get readers is to publish a column headlined "Yes, It Does Matter: One Woman's Lament For Tiny Dicks."

Talking about staring into the abyss of edginess.

Among the reasons cited why small dicks might be a good thing:

"So you can fit the dick and balls into your mouth at the same time." "So women (or men) can fit more than one penis in their mouth at a time (can't judge it if you haven't tried it)." "To make double penetration easier."
Good Lord, shouldn't this stuff at least be funny if it's going to be so amazingly stupid?

Again, if this was just the lame blog of some nobody out there seeking hits from people googling "small dicks" or "double penetration," fine. If it was one of the tedious attempts by a college writer to be out there, man, it'd be understandable.

But this is how a newspaper in the fourth-largest city in the country thinks it can save itself.

"Hey!! Young readers who don't give a damn about newspapers!! I'm talking anal now!! Give me your eyeballs!!!!!!"

Or maybe it's so incredibly dumb that they want people to click on it and make fun of them... We've been had!!!

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