Who's Running The Astros These Days Anyway?

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The Houston Astros put closer Jose Valverde on the disabled list yesterday. And that's not too shocking seeing as how Valverde had a ball drummed off his leg last week and has been hobbling and blowing saves on just one leg.

What's surprising to me is what Jesus Ortiz at the Chron reports. The team had to put Valverde on the disabled list in order to prevent Valverde from pitching in a game. Now maybe it's just me, but I didn't think the decision about pitching in a game belonged solely to Valverde. I thought that was Cecil Cooper's decision.  

So what's the problem?

Am I meant to understand that, even though Cooper knows Valverde is too
injured to pitch that Valverde has been inserting himself into games
without Cooper's knowledge? Now seeing as how Cooper sometimes misses
some of the more obvious baseball managing moves during the game, I
suppose that's possible. But when there's this huge guy on the mound,
hopping about on one leg as he tries to pitch, I don't understand how
Cooper, or his staff, could miss that.

Now I actually can't understand why the team didn't put Valverde on the
disabled list last week, as his hobbling around was rather obvious, and
it didn't seem to be improving. And while LaTroy Hawkins doesn't have
the best of histories as a closer, he still has experience closing
games, so there was no need to keep letting an injured Valverde pitch
last week.

And once again, this just brings me back to Cecil Cooper. Just what
kind of control over this team does he really have if he keeps letting
his injured pitcher talk him into pitching? The move to the disabled
list was one that needed to happen. But it needed to happen because
Valverde was injured, not because Cecil Cooper couldn't stop him from

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