KBR's Iraq Adventure Now Includes Child Porn

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KBR (Halliburton to the old-schoolaz) has had its share of troubles on its way to making untold billions of dollars of profit in Iraq.

There's the rape and sexual harassment (Female and male-on-male!). There's the electrocuting soldiers. There's the dogs running around chomping on human remains intended for an incinerator.

You know what's been missing in this bad-publicity extravaganza? Child porn.

Not any longer!!

Houston's US Attorney's office announced today a Seabrook resident is being held without bond on child pornography charges stemming from his time as a KBR contractor in Iraq.

Michael Anthony Grabar, 44, who was a forklift operator at Camp Fallujah, is staying in federal custody until his May trial.

As the prosecutors' office puts it:
May 2, 2008, KBR security at Camp Fallujah, a U.S. Marine base in Iraq, was notified about a thumb drive found in laundry at the laundry facility. KBR security officials retrieved and opened the thumb drive to identify the owner. According to the testimony today, security officials found documents allegedly belonging to Michael Grabar as well as what appeared to be images of child pornography.

KBR security then conducted a search of Grabar's quarters and turned the investigation and computers and additional storage devices seized from his residence to NCIS special agents stationed at the marine base.
More than 500 images and 79 videos were recovered from the computer.

KBR: exporting American know-how -- and culture -- to the people of Iraq.

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