Spectacular Firetruck Crash Makes Huge Hassle In Montrose

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Photo by Justine Schmider

Firefighters and at least one civilian were injured in a nasty crash at about 11 o'clock this morning at Westheimer and Dunlavy in the heart of Montrose.

The two fire trucks collided while responding to an emergency call, flipping the ladder truck onto a white Infinity, according to one person who spoke to Hair Balls.

Apparently, the original call was a false alarm. ABC 13 is reporting injuries that aren't life-threatening to five firefighters and one civilian.

We heard eight firefighters and two civilians were taken to the hospital - two seriously injured - but the Houston Fire Department isn't confirming or releasing any information right now. We'll update when more details become available, but don't plan on heading to that area anytime soon. Looks like the cleanup might take awhile.

Lanier Middle School has apparently lost power because of the incident.

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