By The Closest Of Margins, Texas Escapes National Ridicule

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Photo by kevindooley
The Duke of Wellington famously called Waterloo "a close-run thing," but he ain't got nothing on Texas' battle to escape being a laughingstock.

Thanks to a 7-7 vote, the State Board of Education rejected the infamous "strengths and weaknesses" curriculum that called for schools to make sure that God knows that evolution is a pointy-headed sham.

One of those who voted against the proposal had to do so via videoconference; she had heart surgery last month.

A final vote on the proposal is scheduled for tomorrow, but it's not expected to change the outcome.

In fact, one opponent who couldn't vote today is expected to vote Friday, so it might just be an actual majority vote against the "evolution is a fraud" crowd.

Looks like the SBOE has evolved some itself.

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