Wilshire Village: More Bad News For Residents

Categories: Spaced City
Photo by Monica Fuentes
We've been keeping you updated on developments at Wilshire Village, that semi-decrepit, yet somewhat charming, Montrose apartment complex at Alabama and Dunlavy.

Maybe we should take the "semi-" out of that description: the West University Examiner is reporting that the Fire Department has put "fire hazard" warnings on the place and told residents to get in touch with the fire marshal.

"The order from Senior Inspector Mike Thomas said 'occupancy is dangerous to human life' and told those living there they were 'directed by law to communicate in person or by phone immediately with the fire marshal,'" the paper reported.

Which is not the kind of thing you want to see, although bad news on the doorstep is getting to be a regular thing for residents there.

-- Richard Connelly

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