Today's Morning Video: A Police Beatdown

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Today's video fun comes to us through KHOU, which exclusively got its hands on a dashboard video of two Santa Fe cops beating the shit out of guy. Or, as one of the cops later put it in a hallway conversation caught on a security camera, "We fucked him up."

Here's the video
of Sergio Robles, who was charged with assaulting the cops. In Santa Fe, "assaulting" apparently means "standing there getting your ass kicked."

For reasons known only to him, Robles had been walking down the middle of Highway 6 that night a little over a year ago, reason enough for police to pull him over.

But then comes the beatdown.

It took his lawyer months to get his hands on the tape; once he did the judge reduced the charges from a felony to a misdemeanor, and then the jury took a half-hour to acquit.
"It was the whole case right there. The first thing I told the jury in my closing argument was ask for the videos, watch the videos," said Paul Damico, Robles' attorney.

As for why he was walking down Highway 6, evidence showed he's a diagnosed schizophrenic who was off his meds and distraught over the recent death of his father, KHOU reported.

-- Richard Connelly

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