Southwest Getting Ready To Offer On-Board Wi-Fi (Porn Users Rejoice)

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Some Southwest passengers flying through Houston yesterday were among the first to test the airline's new wi-fi system.

There's no word on how well it went, Southwest spokesman Paul Flaningan tells Hair Balls, but the testing is expected to continue on at least four planes by March

Passengers can, theoretically, open their laptops or iPhones, go to a Yahoo!-sponsored home page with detailed information, and spend the flight searching the web, he says.

The airline is working with a company called Row 44 to provide the service.

If all goes well, the wi-fi should be fairly widely available later this year, Flaningan says.

For free? Maybe not.

In fact, probably not.

"We're still trying to determine that, out marketing department is doing research," he says. "Whatever the fee structure is, it will definitely be in keeping with our philosophy of low fares."

Online porn -- the lines for the bathroom are going to be packed with horny, lonely businessmen.

-- Richard  Connelly

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