Satellite Collison Might've Screwed the Hubble Too

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Women, Fire & Dangerous Things
Um, yeah, we really have no excuse for picking this image, besides its awesomeness, of course.

Remember when those two satellites crashed into each other? Really? It was just last week.

Anyway, Nature is reporting that the debris caused by the collision could have far-reaching consequences for science missions, in particular for the Hubble telescope (which up to this point has never had any troubles, nope, not one).

"The cloud of debris initially consisted of 600 objects large enough to be tracked by the US space-surveillance network, and experts expect that number to grow to more than 1,000 within the coming weeks," according to the article. That's a lot of space crap.

This development could jeopardize a mission planned for May that was supposed to repair the Hubble, which experienced a problem with its data router in September. The agency is currently figuring out if it wants to send the mission in light of the greater risk of collision with all that extra debris.

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