Where The Stimulus Jobs Will Be, By Congressional District

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The winners and losers of Barack Obama's stimulus plan can be figured out -- to a degree -- by a new study by the White House's Council of Economic Advisors.

It breaks down by congressional district how many jobs will be created or saved by the act; the big loophole there, of course, comes from the words "or saved." It's a lot harder to quantify whether a job would have been lost without the act than it is to find a job directly created from stimulus funds.

But, for what it's worth, Texas is down for 269,000 jobs created or saved (out of a nationaide 3.5 million).

And here are the local districts, and how they fare:
The big winner, somehow, is among the least-industrialized areas: the 10th District, which begins in northwest Houston and stretches out to Brenham. It's down for 10,300 jobs; maybe Blue Bell is creating an Obama flavor.

The rest:

22nd District (Sugar Land and environs) -- 9,900
7th District (Northwest Houston, West U and Bellaire) -- 9,200
2nd District (Beaumont and Liberty) -- 8,700
14th District  (Galveston and Victoria) -- 8,300
9th District (Southwest Houston) -- 8,000
18th District (Central, South and North Houston) -- 7,600
29th District (Baytown and Galena Park) -- 7,300

Live in Baytown and want a stimulus job? Move to Brenham.

-- Richard Connelly

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