W's First Post-Presidental Speech Is In The Houston Of Canada

Photo by Rockies
George W. Bush's office has announced his first public appearance since January 20, and it's in the place most people consider to be the Houston of the North -- Calgary.

Calgary, and the surrounding province of Alberta, is oil land and politically conservative. Lots of oil execs shuttle back and forth between the two cities.

"Alberta's a very conservative province and he's certainly seen as friendly to the oil industry," David Taras, a political analyst at the University of Calgary, told the Calgary Herald. "He's choosing a safe place to go test his image."

The reaction of Canada's prime minister was pretty good:

Asked whether he welcomes Bush's visit to Calgary, Premier Ed Stelmach's response was curt before leaving a media conference Thursday. "He's a free man, can travel to any country he wants," the premier said.
Say hello from Texas, W.

-- Richard Connelly

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