Finally, Some Good News For The Bolivar Peninsula

Categories: Hurricane Ike
Good news has been in short supply on the Bolivar Peninsula since Ike hit, but something that could pass -- these days, anyway -- as good news was announced this week.

Crenshaw, a pre-K-8 elementary and middle school on the peninsula, will reopen February 4, GISD announced to the applause of residents.

The school actually received very little damage from Ike, but the school district has been saying that not enough students were left on the peninsula to make it worth re-opening the school. The residents who were living there had theire children bused to High Island district or transferred to other GISD schools.
Other GISd schools, on the island itself, are not so lucky.Three schools will reopen only if FEMA funds are available.

The three schools -- Burent and Scott elementaries and Central Middle -- will need almost $22 million in repairs, GISD officials told the school board.

-- Richard Connelly

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