Port Arthur Environmental Group Says, "Bring On The Sarin Gas!!"

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chemwaste120808.gifIt's tough enough being an environmental group in Port Arthur. It's kind of being anti-gay in Key West: You're not going to eradicate it all.

But it's also not every day when you announced that you're fine with the feds bringing in chemical-warfare waste to your town.

That's what Hilton Kelley, director of Community In-Power and Development Association, is doing, though.
Kelley's been asked by a Kentucky environmental group not to protest the shipment because it's causing a huge problem in that state.

There's a backlog of stuff to be burned.

"It's in containers that are leaking into the ground and people are being put into immediate danger," Kelley tells Hair Balls. "We got a call and they asked if it would be OK if they were to shift the remainder to Port Arthur and we wouldn't protest....It's a one-time deal only."

So early next year, as we understand the chemical terms, Port Arthur will be receiving two shipments of GB (Sarin) hydrolysate to it can destroyed at a facility there.

For Kelley's sake, we can only hope that a good deed does finally go unpunished.

-- Richard Connelly

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