Fort Worth's School Superintendent Has A Bigger Salary Than Houston's

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moneybags121708.jpegHouston, you have been dissed by Fort Worth. Fort Worth.

That cowtown up north has gone all big-time, paying its school superintendent the highest salary in the state. Abe Saavedra here in Houston has been relegated to the poverty line.

Fort Worth ISD superintendent Melody Johnson received a 1.4 percent pay raise last night; it brought her salary to $328,950. That is just above Saavedra's salary of $327,010.

We know what you're up to, Fort Worth. Tossing around money like you're Jerry Jones. We can only assume this Melody Johnson also enjoys coke, strippers and back-stabbing her teammates.

HISD spokesman Norm Uhl gave us the salary details for Saavedra, and Fort Worth will still have a long way to go to catch up.

His most recent salary and allowances (for cars and phone bills) came to $346,210. On top of that was a $75,000 bonus, just because.

So that brings his total compensation package to $421,210.

Suck it, Fort Worth!!

-- Richard Connelly

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