Riding To The Rescue Of HISD's Pot-Smoking Image

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batmobile120508.jpgThe bad news: Another Houston teacher has been busted for pot.

The good news: Let's look at the media alert from interim spokesman Norm Uhl --

Based on an anonymous tip, HISD PD's K-9 unit searched the parking lot at Woodson MS. One teacher has been arrested for possession of marijuana. I am on my way to the scene now.

Quick, Robin!! To the Spin-Mobile!!

Actually, Uhl's a nice guy who responds quickly to media questions, even nasty ones. And we're sure he's desperate to head off any TV stories about the "drug epidemic" among HISD teachers.

We just have a hard time seeing him racing to the scene of the crime, ready to save the day.

And -- as we've stipulated before -- any adult who spends all day dealing with hormone-crazed middle schoolers has got a pass as far as we're concerned when it comes to their relaxation methods.

-- Richard Connelly

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