Cy Springs Grad Loses Job In Porn Industry

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venice122108.jpgCypress Springs High no doubt was proud of 2000 graduate Christopher Jack Reid when he joined the Marines and served in Iraq.

They might have been a little less proud when he returned, adopted the name "Jack Venice," and started starring in porno films. Although hey, maybe they were still proud. You don't see many Golden Eagles in the movies, after all.

It's safe to say, though, that they're probably not too proud of him now, since he's been given a life sentence for raping a college student in Washington state.

Reid, 26, will be eligible for parole in nine years and maintains his innocence.

Back when he was first arrested the veteran of 145 porn films (including Dude, That's My Mom and Jerk Me And Swallow It All) had a unique explanation for his innocence, saying he gets paid to have sex with women, so why should he rape anyone?

Prosecutors say Reid broke into three sorority houses at Washington State University with a plan to tape sex videos.

Cy Springs represent!!

-- Richard Connelly

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